Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Durham Pt 2

Yep, I am back in Durham!!! I am so happy to be back! I am in the Durham 2nd ward and my companion is Sister Burkholder. She is from CA and was just in Durham 1/Chapel Hill 2 last transfer. So both of us are new to this ward and are figuring it out together :) This ward is amazing and we have been kept very busy this past week. The sisters had 21 lessons the week before we came and we were able to have 17! Not bad for both of us being new to the area! 

What is equally exciting is the updates I have heard from Durham 1. There are so many people there who are progressing and doing really really well! The husband of a less-active member just got baptized this past weekend and we always expected him to take much longer to accept the gospel. Another family that I worked with is also on track to get baptized. The husband and son of a different less-active member have a baptismal for a couple weeks from now! I am so excited for all these families that are learning the gospel together. 

One of the coolest small world moments happened when I first got here. When I was in Durham 1, we were working with a member named Corinthia. She had been baptized a few years earlier but wasn't very active. Before I left Durham, she had moved to Florida and we lost contact with her. Well, it turns out that she recently moved back to Durham and lives right across the street from our apartment. When the past sisters were walking past, she saw them and asked if they were the missionaries. So they started working with her and she has been coming to church the past few weeks! It is so wonderful to get to see her again! She is so sweet and she really wants to keep learning about the gospel. We are teaching her boyfriend too and he has a baptismal date! 

Sorry this is so short this week, a last-minute thing came up where we need to give the car to the elders so we have to go soon. I will write more next week 

Love y'all
Sister Pyper

Wake Forest's main attraction
Farewell Baptist Seminary. I learned a lot from working with the people here. Sadly for you, it only served to strengthen my testimony of the truth I share. 

Reason #3547664 I love the South
​Yep, that sign does indeed say "Pocomoke Cowboy Church". Above the door it says 'no drama zone' and the Jesus picture reads 'Do you know Him? Will He know you? Let us introduce you'
This tiny little church was on the way to Lynda's and it always made me happy. I love the South so much. 

Only in the South
​Yep, Walmart sells fatback. It is literally just fat. That's it. 

We finally found a museum in NC that is open on Monday!! Our district went to the Life & Science Museum yesterday. Pretty much every other museum is closed on Monday, which is frustrating. 

This magical little girl managed to catch 3 butterflies in the time we were there. Did any of us missionaries catch one? Absolutely not. 

This is Corinthia and her boyfriend Jarek. The two kids are hers. Nate is hiding between me and Jarek :)

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